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More on the Dooby Dooby Moo opening

Dooby Dooby Moo opened on Sunday, with celebrity guests!  This is the fourth book in the Click Clack Moo series, and also our fourth to stage.   We’ve been delighted to have author Doreen Cronin and illustrator Betsy Lewin attend the past productions and we were thrilled to have them here on opening day.  (We even had a bonus celebrity!  Betsy’s husband, Ted Lewin, was here too and is also an author-illustrator!)

Whenever a picture book is adapted for stage, the adaptor needs to do a lot of inventing and expanding.  That was particularly true for this show.  During the rehearsal process, Jim began to experiment with taking the story in different directions after feeling the play wasn’t yet working as it was.  In the end, he took a minor character (the sheep, who is new to the series) and made her the heart of the story.  In Jim’s version, Ewe is laid-off from her job and arrives at the farm looking for employment and a home.  She has lost her confidence since the firing and doesn’t know where she can fit in.   Ewe finding her feet again with Farmer Brown’s family of animals creates a really emotional show that Shole and George both mined the heck out of, along with their cast and design team. The resulting show is funny and moving and has great lessons in it.   And it is still very recognizably the Cronin and Lewin Dooby Dooby Mooand Doreen and Betsy were thrilled.  It is a triumph.   Bring us your children!  They will love it (and you will too)!

Dorothy Milne
Artistic Director

Dooby Dooby Moo opening

What a great weekend! Author Doreen Cronin and illustrator Betsy Lewin joined us between the sold-out 11am and 1pm shows on Sunday, Dooby Dooby Moo‘s opening day. Fans had their books signed by Cronin & Lewin, got autographs from the actors, checked out the cast recording, and debated the merits of their favorite barnyard animals.

The Lifeline lobby between shows on Sunday.

Fans line up to meet Cronin & Lewin.

Doreen Cronin (left) and Betsy Lewin (right) sign books.

From left: Amanda Link (Ewe), Nathaniel Niemi (Duck), Elizabeth Dowling (Pig), Betwsy Lewin (illustrator), Shole Milos (director), James E. Grote (adaptor), Heather Currie (Cow), and Craig C. Thompson (Farmer Brown)

Rob Kauzlaric
Marketing Director

August Updates

New Driveway! (And a new adventure for our former gates…)
Yesterday’s activities at Lifeline were underscored by a jackhammer rhythm and a basso sledgehamer beat. Our flaking, scaling, crumbling driveway is being replaced!

Removing the old concrete

The first and most daunting job was prying out a deeply embedded steel post that protruded out of the center of our driveway. Back when we had working gates, this protrusion functioned as a gate catch at the center of the drive. But our gates have long since ceased to function and with the removal of the post, we’ll no longer have to put a big orange cone over the hazard every time we have company.

Once the new concrete is poured today, we’re going to be smooth and beautiful and welcoming!

And what’s to become of our cute former gates? Never fear, they will have future life! The sculptor next door, Andy DeLaRosa (of B1E Gallery) has offered them a home. They will be soon decorating Andy’s sculpture garden. Be sure to check it out when you next visit us!

Drama Camp — full of fun and hilarity
Lifeline’s Summer Drama Camp for 7-12 year olds, led by Jasmin and Eddie, had its final performance on Saturday, July 25th. The final showcase featured a drum circle with drums the students made, demonstrations of games, improvisations and several short plays that the students had written themselves. A good time was had by all! Our Education Director, Lea, is already in full planning mode for next season’s off-school workshops and camp offerings!

Sneak Peek for Treasure Island, August 9th
Our sneak peeks are among my favorite Lifeline events and this one was particularly fun. “Jolly Jolly Grog” (rum punch named after one of the sea shanties in the show) was served along with the usual wine and cheese and treats. Subscribers and donors mingled with Lifeline artists, staff and board. Brani showed her renderings, costumes were modeled and blood packs were discussed. Chris and John demonstrated a knife fight from the show and then broke it into slow-mo pieces so Geoff could explain the techniques and deceptions they use to fake us out. Alan‘s set model was on display and we got to see the firing of one of the antique pistols that he and Geoff have rigged up to fake/shoot. As always, we took folks on tours around the facility so people get to see our hidden nooks and crannies. It is great fun to get to meet our donors and subscribers and express our thanks to them with these parties!

The Farm Animals are back!
Shole and George and Jim are working on Dooby Dooby Moo, another tale from the popular series by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin. This time the farm gets involved in a talent show! We’re bringing back TWO former Farmer Browns to share the role. Craig Thompson, who originated the role in Click Clack Moo will perform on weekends and Ben Kirberger, who was one of the Farmer Browns in Duck for President, will perform the weekday performances. Amanda Link (formerly Hen in Duck for Prez) is back to play Ewe. Elizabeth Dowling (Pig in Giggle Giggle Quack) is back to play Pig. Heather Currie (Pig in Duck for Prez) is back to play Cow, and we welcome Nathaniel Neimi as our brand new Duck. Whew! That’s a lot of animals (and former animals). We’ve collected quite a barnyard as we move into producing our 4th book in this popular series. As usual, Doreen and Betsy and their families will fly in from NY to see the show — this time for opening (October 18)! Yay!

Dorothy Milne
Artistic Director